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Legal English

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Hello, friends!

As a teacher of English with a law degree, I’ve been teaching Legal English at Kutafin Moscow State Law University for 12 years. My teaching experience and participation in some international projects related to law, teaching, and English let me grasp the necessity of structuring the information on law highlighting the differences between British English and American English to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

So, I’m more than happy to introduce the first part of the Legal English course. These five lessons are aimed at law students and at those willing to get the general idea of what Legal English is like.

Lesson 1 focuses on the insight into the enormous differences between General English and Legal English and also on the differences between legal terms in English-speaking countries.

Lesson 2 deals with criminal law covering different classifications of crimes and different legal terms in the UK and the USA.

Lesson 3 provides you with the details of the classifications of crimes outlining in Lesson 2.

Lesson 4 deals with white-collar crimes which are becoming so widespread and sophisticated nowadays.

Lesson 5 is focused on employment rights which is a burning issue these days.

I’ve also incorporated some creative tasks to entertain you a little bit and a lot of tasks to improve your research skills which are essential for lawyers.

I wish you good luck on your journey to Legal English.


  1. Legal English

  2. Criminal law

  3. Types of criminal offences in the United Kingdom

  4. White-collar crimes

  5. Employees’ basic rights at work

2 комментария

  • Dear Irina,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful, interesting, involving and well-rounded course!
    The course offered in English covers a broad spectrum of law topics, and the possibility for students to attend lessons which are not offered at universities. I have found a lot of useful information that I need in my job. Thanks to this I was able to get a deep impression of Law systems in UK, USA and RF. I think this course has been an incentive for further development, both professional and personal. I’ve got very positive impressions of the course and recommend Legal English to everybody!

    • Dear Olga,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. I am so happy that the course happened to be helpful to you. I wish you good luck in your further development.
      Best regards,