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STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics

Professions of the Future

Future you will live in in 10 years will be different from the world you are accustomed to. And anyone is to be prepared for the changes if he/she wants to be successful, efficient and happy in future.

Many professions you are familiar with will disappear, a lot of new ones will appear and demand new skills and competencies. That's why choosing your future profession your are are mostly recommended to forsee the future, imagine youself in 10, 20, 30 years and think about skills you will need.

Watch a sample film about new skills and professions

The Atlas of new professions of the 21-st century and the obsolete ones was created in Skolkovo, Russia (see the link: .

A number of investigations were carried out to reveal the main trends in the future job market and professions’ development. In the course of the project there were held more than 30 sessions focusing on various industries from biotechnology and medicine to media industry and IT security. A lot of experts from various universities and companies analyzed  the trends and acted as key speakers at these sessions.
As a result of this research 57 professions were considered to be obsolete and decreasing by 2030. And 186 new professions that will appear in the nearest future were named. The experts also tried to predict the necessary skills and competencies that will be necessary for future specialists.

Before you start investigating the Atlas, try to guess what 10 professions (out of 17 in the list) are going to disappear: 

  • accountant
  • teacher
  • bank consultant
  • doctor
  • tourist manager,
  • tourist guide
  • driver
  • interpreter
  • manager
  • law consultant
  • actor
  • journalist
  • librarian
  • pilot
  • realtor
  • engineer
  • IT systems administrator

Tne correct answers can be found hereProfessions that will disapper in future

But don't open the file until you find the answer yourself.

These professions will appear by 2030 due to the Atlas:

  • Bioethics specialist
  • Urban ecologist
  • Live systems architect
  • Media policeman
  • Info stylist
  • Mind fitness coach
  • Project education manager
  • Game-master
  • Educational on-line platform coordinator
  • Start-ups’ coach
  • Creativity coach
  • IT medical consultant
  • Genetic consultant
  • Smart house architect
  • Medical equipment architect

Take a quiz to check your understanding of these professions.

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